Transforming Training with the Right e-Learning Platform

For many years, when organizations looked to create and manage e-learning programs, they often ended up with a learning management system, or LMS. While an LMS can do some things well, there weren’t a lot of options beyond the LMS for organizations looking for something a bit different. This is where learning experience platforms – or LXPs/LEPs for short, micro learning platforms and course platforms have transformed the e-learning world. These new platform options offer social learning features, gamification, curated content and pathway features, and powerful analytics that contribute to more personalized, user driven learning experiences.

Need help finding an e-learning solution for your organization?

I help your organization navigate the choices of learning experience platforms, micro-learning platforms, and course platforms. I provide a needs assessment of your content, training approaches, training vision, and recommend an appropriate e-learning platform to drive your learning and development strategy.

Does this Sound like your Organization?

We want to move our training to e-learning but aren’t sure of the best way to do it.

If you’re new to e-learning, working out how to get started and selecting the right tools can be a real challenge. Often, a lot of time is spent researching and speaking to vendors about the various technology platform options. Organizations have questions about what kind of e-learning they need, how to design e-learning, and what will be required internally to support and sustain the training vision.

We have e-learning offerings but we would like our approaches to be more innovative.

Sometimes the wrong e-learning platform can limit or even derail a training vision. I can do an assessment of your current offerings and make recommendations to help guide your next steps.

We are creating a new e-learning training vision and strategy and would like some help with it.

If you’ve been doing e-learning for a while, but have unsatisfied learners or less than optimal performance results, a renewed e-learning and vision might be necessary. I can help guide you in arriving at a new vision and strategy.

So where do I fit into all this?


The explosion of e-learning tools means that there are more options available to respond to an organization’s needs. But it can also be a time-consuming and costly exercise to evaluate the options available and to arrive at a solution. A well-selected platform can provide an organization with a more efficient and a better user experience for training, the data to evaluate the effectiveness of the training, and a sustainable environment that contributes to a learning organization. I can reduce the time and cost it takes to find a solution by assessing the needs of your organization, the user context and desired experience, and the capacity of the organization to sustain the solution, among other things. My knowledge of the e-learning platform landscape combined with 15 years experience in leading and developing e-learning initiatives will help you save time and money in your transition process.


You might be already thinking about your next e-learning platform, but you’re not sure which of the many options is best for your organization. You’d like to spend less time scheduling calls with vendors or researching the various options. Your implementation time is short and you’d like to expedite the process of getting to a new e-learning vision. Let’s talk and I’ll help you get to your vision more quickly.


An e-learning platform is a significant investment and the selection process can consume a lot of the organization’s time. While many platforms share similar features, there are important differences between learning experience platforms, micro-learning platforms, and course platforms. Your organization may be building its training approach around content and topics, while another might be building it around competencies. Some organizations require a mix of both but may need more detailed learning and user analytics. I can guide you in the process of narrowing down the type of platform and the vendor options best suited to your training approach.

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When you work with me, you get to work with someone who’s flexible and will adapt to your requirements. In general, when working with clients, I find projects usually follow a four step process:

Context Assessment

I ask you to answer some questions via a questionnaire, and to provide me with samples of your training content and information about the content. I ask you questions about your current training and your desired training vision. I ask questions about your organization, such as number of employees, training context, and capacity to transform your training.

One hour Q & A session

We schedule a virtual one hour Q & A session where we dialogue about your training needs and desired future. As a result of this conversation, we may schedule additional Q & A sessions with other key people in your organization.

Analysis and Report

I provide you with an analysis and report with training and platform recommendations that I have assessed based on your needs. I can provide this within 1-2 weeks of Step 2.

Follow-up Call

We schedule a 30 minute followup call where I can answer any further questions you might have about next steps.

This is just one framework and I can customise the above process to your needs.

Start by booking a 30-minute introductory call (free and no obligations).

On the call, I can learn more about your requirements, you can meet me and when can work out whether we’re a good fit for one another. I’ll then send you a no-obligation proposal that addresses the specific problems and objectives that you’d like to work on.